Branches of MagicEdit

In total, there are seven disciplines of magic in Edia, classified by their characteristics, their effects, and their sources of power.








Categories of MagicEdit

Aside from the seven branches of magic (Elemental, blood, holy, shape shifter, summoner, force, and ceremonial), magic in Edia can be divided into two much simpler categories—physical and incorporeal.

Physical magic accounts for magic that causes purely physical transformations such as the movement, destruction, or creation of objects, the control of heat, electricity, and light, etc. This would include elemental magic (the manipulation of physical elements), part of summoning magic (bringing creatures through space), and force magic.

Incorporeal magic largely has to do with the "spiritual" side of magic and involves mental abilities or the manipulation of magical energy (this does NOT include heat, electricity, etc.—those would count as "physical energy," to differentiate from magical energy). For example, holy magic and blood magic make almost exclusive use of magical energy to make barriers and sealing spells, place curses, etc.

Some aspects of magic are a unique blend of both—for example, the aspect of Summoning that involves communication with and the control of animals and creatures belongs to magical energy, whereas the actual summoning portion—bringing a creature in from a different part of the world—involves physical magic. Both are necessary. Ceremonial and Shape Shifting magic also fall under the category.

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